How to Start a Scaffolding Rental Business in 5 Simple Steps

Starting a scaffolding company Birmingham isn’t as expensive as most people believe. With a limited budget of $10,000, you can purchase basic scaffolding equipment and tools. Licensing to start this type of business isn’t expensive either. By following this 5 step process, you will be good to deliver the scaffolding materials required in local construction companies and get paid for it.

5. Raise Capital

$10,000 is the least amount of money you need to start a small scaffolding company Birmingham. Apply for a loan or a government grant. Borrow from family and friends or partner with someone else to start the company as a partnership business. If you can afford the capital required, however, start the business as your sole proprietorship business.

4. Pay for Licensing

Check with the Birmingham local government to determine the type of license needed to start this type of business. Talk to a local lawyer or visit the necessary local government offices to determine what type of license you need. In most cases, you pay for a general business license.

3. Purchase the Materials

Do due diligence to learn what types of scaffolding equipment local construction businesses need the most. Make a budget and research quality materials you can afford. Buy a wide variety of the scaffolding materials. Also, keep in mind that contractors look for strong, reliable materials more than affordability.

2. Take Insurance

Scaffolding materials pose a risk to the people who work around them. Take an insurance cover that helps you take care of anyone who gets injured while working with your scaffolding equipment. Take another cover to take care of damage caused to your materials by the construction companies.

1. Rent your Materials

You now own a small scaffolding company. Contact local construction companies and let them know you rent scaffolding materials. Formalize your business and run it like any other professional business. Build contacts with engineers and contractors. Take loans, hire more people and expand your business.